I’m a victim of an infestation

I or rather my apartment might the victim of an ongoing infestation of mould on a large scale here. Several crucial parts of evidence points to that conclusion. First off, the whole place smells funny and rather damp and what’s more, I’ve been suffering from a nasty cough for months now. Been to the doctors several time and they could figure it out despite doing several different test and everything. Either way, I’m pretty sure its mould which causing all these problems and I have decided to do something about it. Yeah well not me per se, a company who specializes in mould remediation is going to the actual work and the damned landlord is paying. There’s no way I’m splashing out my hard earned cash, cause this quite simply cant be my fault, no way. I haven’t been doing something weird to “invite” the damned mould here, nothing really.

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